We are Europrojekt d.o.o company focused on: architecture, interior design, urban design, project management, construction, revision of technical documentation, professional supervision of construction and technical control.

Full range of services also includes: furnishing, selection of materials, fabrics, curtains, carpets, decorative lights and installations…

Our goal is to create projects with exceptional visual and technical quality at affordable prices. For us, every project represents a creative effort shared by our clients and our studio that uses advanced technologies and modern computer techniques.

Our strength lies in our serious commitment, knowledge, sensitivity and understanding of clients in terms of recommendations, such as budgetary constraints, project tasks and criteria for design.

We work to find the right balance between functionality, sustainability, and character of each person, family, or development team.

Our goal is to establish good relations between locations, facilities and their users. We are committed to creating enduring works of architecture, interiors, plans and values that clients and communities can be proud of. Our goal is to create inspiring places that would have a positive effect on the users’ quality of life and work. We respond to challenges of any project with inventive solutions unique to each client.



No project is too large or too small. We provide comprehensive architectural and design services ranging from planning to construction (design advice, schematic options, sketches, designs, revisions, constructions, furnishing prior to technical reception of the facility).

Talk to us and we can tailor our service to suit your needs and budget.

We offer our clients the highest level of services. Experienced registered architect and his associates will provide you with the services timely and according to the negotiated budget. Additionally, depending on our clients' specific requirements we are able to offer the following partial services: measured drawings of existing buildings, feasibility studies, site master planning, preparation of tender and contract documentation, procurement of materials, furniture and equipment for your projects, etc.

We design all types of new buildings, from residential to commercial, as well as extensions, adaptations and reconstructions of existing buildings, interior designs, furniture, fair appearances, abstract forms, and experimental and innovative concepts.



Architecture is not sculpture, but a kind of philosophy on the environment and surroundings. Design is a process. Good results follow good process. We take an organized and professional approach to the development of your project by maintaining good and quality communication with our clients, consultants and associates. Good design takes knowledge, experience, time and a high degree of contact with our clients. Being good listeners allows us to develop strong design concepts.

We have expert associates in the field of construction, mechanical and electrical installation, fire protection, as well as special consultants in the field of horticulture, restoration, surveying, etc.

We love our work. We believe in challenges. We are dedicated team players. We do not perceive clients as a set of problems that need to be solved, but as "generators of ideas" that are tested, considered and developed during the project. We believe that the most important part of the process is our client.

Our process is usually as follows:

Introduction - We meet, ask questions and get to know your needs and the scope of the project.

Evaluation - We evaluates your needs and determines a strategy, plan a schedule, prepare a budget and present a proposal.

Solutions - Using approved strategy, we create ideas and concepts taking into account your original requirements.

Specification - Based on your input, we specify and perfect the design.

Execution - We execute approved designs within deadlines and budgets, making you feel satisfied that your goals and return on investment have been attained.



ISO 9001  Quality Management System

ISO 14001  Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001  Health and Safety Management System


Dragutin Dubljević, BSc Arch. Eng.

Executive director