EUROPROEKT prepares complete project documentation: design solutions, design projects, main projects, projects for maintenance of facilities, interior design projects, as-built projects, measurement of existing facilities and drawing of architectural and technological foundations, engineering photography, development of tender and contract documentation, cost estimates and budgeting.

Our team offers a unified, coordinated and complete service including all stages of a project:

  • Geodetic baseline calibration, studies and/or project design

  • Geotechnical studies and/or project design

  • Architecture project design

  • High-rise buildings project design

  • Hydrotechnical structures project design

  • Indoor water and sewerage installations design

  • High-power electrical installations project design

  • Low-power electrical installations project design

  • Transport facilities project design

  • Machinery installations, equipment and power plants project design

  • Organizational and technical building requirements project design

  • Fire safety studies and project design

  • Occupational safety studies and project design

  • Environmental impact assessments and project design

  • Terrain development project design

  • Landscaping project design

  • Conservation project design and cultural property preservation studies